Student Activities


Chapel is held on a weekly basis and serves as a time when the whole student body can come together for community worship. Through the chapel program, students serve needs in the community by collecting canned foods, used clothing, raising money to find a cure for leukemia, making greeting cards, and the like. An upbeat worship style with applications of Biblical truths to their lives greets the students every Wednesday morning. All parents are also welcomed to come and participate in praise-filled worship.

Student Council

Students in grades 4 – 8 are allowed to serve their classmates, school community and the general community through an organized Student Council.  The Student Council is responsible for the school-wide recycling program as well as for determining which charitable organization the weekly chapel offering will support. Students can serve in an elected position as an officer, committee member, or as a representative of their class.

Enrichment Programs

The school facilitates the After School Enrichment Program, a program that serves to allow students to experience multiple opportunities to either learn something new or grow in knowledge already acquired. Offerings change on a periodic basis and are held immediately after school, so as to better accommodate parents schedules and have included the visual and performing arts, athletics, and Mad Science.


Physical activity is a great way to allow for better focus in the classroom. Students in grades Kindergarten-8 are exposed to physical activity through intentional physical education time with a P.E. teacher and recesses in the day. All students in grades Kindergarten-8 are able to participate in team sports. Volleyball is offered in the fall for boys and girls in grades 5-8 and soccer in the spring. As interest dictates and facilities allow, our athletics program will grow for the purposes of glorifying God through healthy use of the body, as well as for learning teamwork, sportsmanship and leadership through experience.