Partnership Hours

Each family is to perform hours of service to Bethany Lutheran School through our Partnership Program. While creating opportunities in which relationships between parents and the school are strengthened, these hours also help to keep the cost of tuition and fees down.

Thirty (30) hours per year are required for one student, with five (5) hours dedicated toward fund raising. Fifty (50) hours are required for families with two or more students, with (10) hours dedicated toward fund raising. Hours not satisfied through involvement are billed at $10 per hour.

Opportunities for involvement arise throughout the school year and are announced via The Eagle, the school’s weekly newsletter; letters from the classroom; and via email.


Involvement Opportunities:

  • Annual Dinner and Auction
  • Other fundraising events
  • Providing transportation for school events
  • Helping in the classroom
  • School- building maintenance
  • Parent Teacher Organization meetings

Download Partnership Hour Form

*In order to receive credit for completed Partnership Hours, a BLS or BLP staff member or event coordinator must initial at the time of completion. Completed hours should be turned in on a quarterly basis.

Signing into the visitor log does not replace turning in the signed hours form. ALL hours for the 2019-2020 school year must be submitted no later than June 15, 2020. Uncompleted hours will be billed on July 2, 2020.