Mission and Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)


Bethany Lutheran School is a family of hope-filled Christian believers dedicated to nurturing all children to love, honor and serve God.


Graduates of Bethany Lutheran School will be prepared to be:

Active Christians

  • They will look to the Bible for guidance and growth, upholding its teachings.
  • They will serve God, home and the community.
  • They will respect and maintain their bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Productive and Socially Responsible Citizens

  • They will collaborate to accomplish tasks as members of a group.
  • They will learn about, experience, and appreciate the contributions of various cultures.
  • They will exemplify good citizenship and social skills.
  • They will recognize and respond to the needs within their community.

Effective and Self-expressive Communicators

  • They will receive, process, and respond to information in clear and appropriate ways.
  • They will utilize various technological resources.
  • They will experience and participate in a variety of art forms.
  • They will creatively express themselves through the arts.

Critical Thinkers

  • They will collect, analyze, interpret and evaluate information.
  • They will formulate and implement plans of action addressing challenges and opportunities.