The Foundation of Bethany Lutheran School

Bethany Lutheran School (BLS) is committed to provide a 21st century education for our students and to share Jesus’ amazing love. Our students are learning, practicing, and applying the skills of critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity in reading, science, math, history, writing, arts and biblical study while wrestling with worldview; these are all foundational to becoming a self-reflective member of society. In the interest of developing the whole child, all students also receive instruction in music and physical education.

The Bethany Lutheran Church congregation had a vision to build a Lutheran elementary school as an extension of its ministry to the Vacaville and surrounding communities.  The involvement and support of the church congregation continues, as it works with purpose to nurture in each person an active, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  What began as a Preschool serving the community since 1974 has now extended into a full-service education through the eighth grade.

We have been blessed with a wonderful staff who continues to guide each child to receive the education needed to be successful in the future.  We look forward to meeting with you about how any of our ministries may be of service to your family!

What people are saying about Bethany Lutheran School

“Our son is showing significant improvements in all areas of life thanks to being back in school, and in a school that cares for their students. I am amazed with your program and, our son will continue going there as long as y'all will have him. I hope to never put him back in public school. Thank you all for everything you do!"
 – Will Spinetti, Parent

“Hope this reaches the donor who donated to Bethany Lutheran School. Because of your generous donation, my son is able to attend a private, faith-based school at half tuition. It was truly a gift. He had the best first day of school and, I hope to one day be able to pay it forward."
– Elizabeth Selby, Parent

“Bethany is more than ‘just a school’. It is an extension of family. I am able to serve my country knowing that my children and family are secure in the Bethany Family. I am able to focus on my duty to defend our country because my family has a strong network available to them if needed.”
– Chris Thrasher, Parent