Take it to the Lord In Prayer 

We ask You Lord, to guide our ways
To help us better use our days
In serving You with heart and hand
To spread Your Word throughout the land 

Help us to give, to build, to teach
That every sinner, we may reach
That all may focus on Your Grace
That’s freely given for every race. 

Help us in Word and faith to grow
That we may reflect Your heavenly glow
That we may share, so all will come
To know Your Love and heavenly home.

Leaving a Legacy of Faith

The Bethany Endowment Fund enables individuals to make a lasting difference for their church, school, and community as well as expanding God’s Kingdom.

The endowment fund is designed with the sole purpose of strenthening our ministries for generations to come.

Gifts to the endowment can be designated to any of the following ministry areas:

  • SCHOLARSHIPS – for our schools, Synodical colleges, and youth conferences
  • FACILITIES & EQUIPMENT – for construction of new facilities or purchase of equipment; or improvement or repairs to existing property and equipment.
  • MISSIONS – merciful service, outreach, and mission events.
  • SUNDAY SCHOOL AND YOUTH – staff, activities, equipment, and supplies.
  • UNDESIGNATED – which will be used for the most pressing of needs in the above four areas.