Church and Administration

Reverend Gregory Stringer
Senior Pastor

Pastor John Whaley

Mrs. Cathy Mathews
Director of Operations & Finance

Mrs. Paula Rush
Administrative Support

Miss Natalie Hart
Student Billing

What people are saying about Bethany School…

“Hope this reaches the donor who donated to Bethany Lutheran School. Because of your generous donation, my son is able to attend a private, faith based school at half tuition. It was truly a gift. He had the best first day of school and I hope to one day be able to pay it forward." – Elizabeth Selby


Ms. Katie Mathews
Preschool Director

Miss Natalie Hart
A.M. Preschool

Mrs. Cindy Miller
A.M. Preschool

Miss Alyssa Wilson
P.M. Preschool/Extended Care

Mrs. Brenda Plitt
Preschool/Extended Care

Mrs. Nicole Jamison
Early Kindergarten

Ms. Zephra Eaton

Ms. Samantha Claerbocet

Ms. Tina Padilla
Ulatis Preschool

Ms. Debra Akins
Ulatis Preschool/Extended Care

Mrs. Kristin Timberlake

K-8 School

Dr. Chris E. Smith

Mrs. Paula Rush
Administrative Support

Mrs. Fernandez
Kindergarten Teacher

Mrs. Campos
Kindergarten Aide

Mrs. Thomas
First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Ledford
Second Grade Teacher

Mrs. Escalante
Third Grade Teacher &
Middle School History, Technology

Mrs. Beall
Fourth Grade Teacher

Mrs. Bakken
Middle School
Mathematics & Science

Mrs. Johnston
5/6 Homeroom, English

Dr. Megumi Nomura
Band Teacher

Mrs. Stanton
K-4 Music Teacher

Mr. William Nichols

Miss Johnson
Extended Care

Miss Bailey
Extended Care